Nyotaimori Sushi Las Vegas No Further a Mystery

Nyotaimori Naked Sushi Las Vegas
4315 Dean Martin Dr Unit 230D, Las Vegas, NV 89103, United States
+1 702-935-5624

Dished in the naked body for an unique dining experience is our slogan. How about a Japanese dinner in Nyotaimori style? We serve the very best Nyotaimori Las Vegas Nyotaimori is a Japanese tradition of serving sushi on naked female. Our qualified models are skilled to lie still for hours and their naked body serves as plates for a sushi feast.

We offer the most beautiful and unique naked girl sushi in Las Vegas. Our model gets embellished with flowers, leaves, and bamboo sheets. Then chef's special sushi will be organized and served upon the naked body.

Traditional Nyotaimori sushi Las Vegas.

Nyotaimori is an ancient art of organizing cuisine like sushi on naked woman. The lady is supposed to lie still at all times till the party is over and she is not enabled to talk with the guests. She needs to concentrate on the plates arranged upon her body. We offer absolutely stunning and trained naked woman sushi Las Vegas. We offer significance to health and hence the sushi will be put on sanitized leaves on the naked body. Then the sushi will be put on flat areas of the body to prevent them from rolling down. Therefore an unique naked sushi party will be offered.

Our Service

Invite to a wonderful Nyotaimori sushi experience. Schedule now for this sushi experience that is displayed creatively on a Nyotaimori model. We will exist anywhere in Las Vegas where have a peek at this web-site you arrange the party. We provide exceptional packages for occasion catering, suite celebrations, private locations, and so on. Accept a suitable bundle according to your needs and our outstanding service will reach you precisely at the scheduled time. Our exceptional naked sushi services consist of fresh ingredients, top-rate chef, and experience Nyotaimori models providing an classy Nyotaimori sushi Las Vegas.

Nyotaimori Naked Sushi Las Vegas is a completely unique eating experience that always leaves guests impressed. Whether you're planning a bachelor party, business meeting, or some other event, Naked Sushi Las Vegas is the best eating experience to entertain. Our beautiful Nyotaimori models are not just platters, but will engage and entertain throughout the dining experience. Call today to make your Body Sushi reservation!

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