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Lately, some insightful and fruitful conferences that are online-based have been popping up, providing a convenient solution to accessing high-quality digital conferences from the comfort of your home!

Aside from accessing conferences and learning a bunch from them while in your pyjamas and lounging on your couch, here are a few other ways you can benefit from digital conferences:

Lower Costs

In addition to the registration fee, attending a physical conference would require you to pay for accommodation, travel, food and drinks, and other logistical costs which may add up to a sizable amount.
However, with an online conference, you only have to pay an online registration fee and can save on the others. If you are a new business owner just starting out, or are looking to join quite a number of conferences, this option allows you to have some cost savings.

Greater Flexibility

Attending online conferences also allows you more flexibility with managing your time. You would not need to run a tight schedule, rushing from one conference to the other, and risk missing an important conference just because you are late, or were stuck in a traffic jam.

Joining online conferences normally also means you would be given a recording of the conference after the session has ended. Thanks to this, you could take your time to watch the content over and again, to digest all the information and to take notes at your own pace.

Meet a Global and Diverse Audience

With virtual conferences, you can connect with a bigger and more global audience, many of whom you would probably never have the chance to meet during a physical event. The diverse range of perspectives that arise during networking or question and answer sessions might open up opportunities and inspire you in new ways that you would never have expected.

Help Save the Earth

As much as we try to reduce waste, physical events still generate a great amount of waste. Attendees travel to the event and stay at hotels, while the conference organisers have to print brochures, reading materials, and build booths for their exhibitors. By going digital, these costs are greatly reduced and with a great number of conferences happening daily, these savings do add up greatly and play a huge role in our efforts to reduce environmental degradation.

Make More Meaningful Connections

With virtual conferences, you could look through the lists of participants and their profile and decide who you would like to network with. This may be difficult at physical conferences if you were just to look at the attendee badge hanging from everybody’s necks. Since you are online, you can also take the time to chat with any potential contacts unlike at physical events where the both of you might be rushing to different sessions.


Compliant with safe distancing measures, we bring Live Streaming or pre-recorded content right into the comfort and safety of your viewers' homes. Bring your event experience online with us today

— Virtual Events platform & Livestream Productions

Need help with your livestream productions? We offer package solutions including studio rental, livestream equipment, sound and lighting equipment, a selection of live hosts, and technical support during show production. Our product supports a variety of virtual events platform including Zoom, Facebook Live, Instagram Live, and YouTube Live.

— Virtual Events

Virtual events are definitely picking up in popularity. We can take on the content creation of your digital event, allowing for a fun Games Night, Families Night, or Trivia Night. Such virtual events can be integrated with interactive platforms such as Kahoot, or Menti, to allow engaging game segments for viewers even when live streaming an event. We can also incorporate a live lucky draw, and livestream performances by artistes to make your digital event no different from your previous events.

— Virtual Roadshows and Virtual Exhibitions

With a myriad of safe distancing measures to be compliant to, many are turning to doing virtual roadshows and virtual exhibitions. We can customise your roadshow or exhibition layout, even to the minute details of digital booths for your partners or tenants. Virtual conferences and keynote speeches can still go on in virtual Virtual Conferences conference rooms, so you can still engage with your audience to share key updates.

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